When your dishwasher breaks down, should you call an appliance repair company, or should you simply replace it? In this video, Keith from the Appliance Factory talks about when you should and shouldn’t consider repairs and when you should look at purchasing a new dishwasher. 

Video Transcript “Hi this is Keith your friendly neighborhood technician coming at you with the, should I repair dishwasher or should I replace my dishwasher. Well that’s a decision we have to make. But I want to give you a little information on maybe making it easy for you.

OK I have a general rule. When I have something break at my house. Yeah I’m pretty lazy. I get warranties and I’m pretty much. I’ll let other people do it just because I’m lazy. But in a home I can bet your house I fix it. You look in about 100 bucks for me. Seventy five to a hundred bucks for me to show up. Figure out what’s wrong with it and maybe get lucky just get a broken water. But probably that’s not going to happen. So you’re talking probably a couple hundred two to three dollars to repair. A dishwasher panel with the problems and it can go a lot higher. Whereas you look here we’ve got dishwashers that range from high end thirteen hundred dollars. Down to eight down to six. And you can get them as fives and a couple of four dollars. You can get dishwashers down to around 200, 300 dollars OK. Depends on what you’re looking for. What what you wanted to do. How quiet is it how noise is it. Things along those lines. So what my rule is is about 60 percent. Like I said before if I have the thousand dollar dishwasher OK. All are got more pieces that match it. So I’m going to go up to five six seven even eight hundred dollars to have that machine repaired just so I don’t have to. The House headache of tearing it out. Go find it one. Put it back in install on hope I don’t make mess. Hope I don’t install it incorrectly. Hope it doesn’t have a leak and then I got much bigger issues. Now if I have the 200 dollar dishwasher pretty much as go get another one just to be honest with it it’s not worth the headache to have me come out giving me seventy five dollars to show off. Oh by the way you need to borrow and the borrow is gonna be 300 dollars. So you’re talking 350 bucks for two earners. What dollar dishwater doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. The basic is. How much is it going to cost to fix versus how much is it going to cost to replace. Now you also got remember when you replace it if you don’t install yourself there’s other charges going to be bought. You have to deliver. You can have it install those all add in the price. So this 850 dollar dishwasher may turn out to be around a thousand dollars all done and said because you had it installed. You got new house of the home a new yards so you’re 6 percent may have gone from 500 now up to 750 to replace to repair. So you get add this stuff up and find it OK. Is it worth it.

Do your homework. Do your research. But soon for me to show up at your house and fix anything without replacing part it’s getting about one hundred and half. That’s pretty conservative. So, if you want to replace it replace it if you never really liked the way it works did an ok job cleaning. But it never really was what you were looking for. Don’t pay me to fix it because when I fix it it’s going to do exactly what it did before. And you’re still not going to be happy with it and you just wasted money. OK. But if you if it was an OK machine never let it just replace it get a new one.

And get on with life and not have to worry about much. So don’t forget to visit here at our website! Have a wonderful day.”

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