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Video Transcript: It seems we’re all into that, right? It’s the 90s. So home appliances are, you know, we’re talking like dishwashers, washing machines. It all makes life easier until they break down. 

Right. Right. And when that happens what do you do? Definitely don’t panic? You know what I would do? Call Adam Hellman our home  improvement insider from And he’s got great tips on how to find the right repair company to get the job done. 

The average homeowner opens and closes the refrigerator door multiple times a day. They wash their clothes on a daily basis. If you have appliances in your home it’s almost inevitable that they’re eventually going to break down. 

Today we’re going to learn how to find the right repair service technician. We’re going to learn the average cost of repair. And I’m going to give you some maintenance tips on how to keep your repair costs low. 

Most people tend to go online to research appliance repair. Let me tell you the amount of results that you can get. Might be overwhelming. So here’s what you do. Find a company that has a store front. One that’s been in business at least five years that tells you they’re well-established. 

Once you’ve found an appliance repair company. Start with questions about how much a basic service charge will cost. Most companies charge an average of seventy five dollars just for coming to your house and assessing the problem. This means if they can’t fix it or don’t have the parts to fix it right away you’re still on the hook for the appointment. So what you want to do is avoid companies that charge by the hour. You should request an itemized bill that breaks down the Labor and the materials. 

 The average appliance that is being repaired is about 10 to 15 years old and the average appliance repair cost is about one hundred and sixty dollars. However that price is going up. The reason why is the expanded use of electronics that has raised the price. 

Over 50 percent of all appliance repairs are on your dryer. The most common part that fails is the belt or the fuse. 

There are several ways to help lower the cost for appliance repair. First you really need to know the difference between what needs to be repaired and what should be replaced. Let’s take a washing machine for example. I use this formula. If it’s over 10 years old and the repair is over two hundred dollars you should take a really hard look at buying a brand new washing machine. Here’s another tip. Be as detailed as possible when you’re calling an appliance repair company. The more information they have over the phone the better they can prepare for your repair. 

Lastly your appliances don’t have an odometer so it’s important to refer to your owner’s manual and perform the routine maintenance at least once a year. 

 Adam Huffman is with us from He always has the best tips on stuff. 

 Thank you! 

You make it really easy. Now the best way to prevent a breakdown is to keep up with the maintenance of your machines right? 


So give us some tips on that. What do we have here. 

So as you know the appliances that usually break are the ones that have moving parts. OK. So you’ve got to maintain your washer, your dryer, dishwasher whatever it is. And the way to do that is to either keep it clean, because if you keep it dirty that would break down. That’s why they have this product. It’s called Affresh and it’s basically a capsule that you run a cycle with it and it will get rid of the mold mildew. Any soap build up. Any other thing like that. So that will extend the life of your washing. 

I brought some stuff today. Just take a look. So this is a little fuse. OK. And this is the number one part that that breaks down in a dryer. So the key is it’s inexpensive but it needs to be installed properly. It’s all the way in the back upside. You’ve got to really get into it. So the key is to hire the right guy to come to you. 

The second most part would be the door lock, your your wash machine’s cycle completes and it locks and the lights off, right. This little part here is what moves all the time to lock it  from being opened. OK. So it breaks. So when you’re calling an appliance repair company it’s important to be specific…because over the phone they’ll direct you and guide you into what might be the problem. So we’re lucky because we have Bill of Ride’s appliance here in Metro Detroit, who was with us before, they will service that and the over the phone give you all the advice you need. 

Sounds good. 

The other part that we have is the washer…the belt. this goes bad. It used to be one inch thick. But overtime cutting costs, cutting manufacturing. So this is what happened. Once it’s ten years old and you got to repair and you start hearing squeaks and stuff, it might be time to start considering a new appliance. You can get brand new ones for $299 that work great. 

So that’s why you said ten years or two hundred dollars. If it’s more than that just get with the new. 

So besides cleaning your ears this is for your dryer event. Lot of house fires every year, in the thousands, are started by house fires so you’ve got to clean your dryer vent so you get in there getting out and you’re good to go. That’s smart. That’s our ad. And it’s very inexpensive. All this is very inexpensive so proper maintenance and doing it right. Saves you money in the long run. 

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