Thomas M. Flynn Plumbing
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  1. lis ca
    April 13, 2019 at 14:33 PM
    This man is the least professional contractor I ever hired or encountered. Be careful! We hired him to build a shower pan and install a shower fixture. Not only did he fail to double check his measurements he blamed my husband and I for providing the wrong instructions. He claimed he would refund us the $150 for the shower head he didn’t measure correctly and we could no longer use. He got loud with me on the phone and ignored many calls and texts trying to resolution on the matter. It was a disgusting experience to be treated this way by someone claiming to be a professional.
  2. Ryan Huber
    January 16, 2019 at 17:22 PM
    I would give Mr Flynn a -5 if that were an option. He is as dishonest a business man as I have ever met and I do not take it lightly writing bad reviews for a business owner. My wife and I spent $4000 on a shower upgrade and trusted Thomas Flynn to measure the shower fixture which was provided to him in advance of the tile being installed. He never bothered to measure the fixture itself and double check his work. Even worse than that he claims the instructions provided told him to measure it 4 inches shorter than the actual fixture. The directions were conveniently missing from the box and he accused me of hiding them essentially but he was the only person with motivation to cover up his error I had no incentive to do so. The back of the box even showed the correct dimensions. I went to the store where i originally purchased the fixture and took picture of it being un boxed and every page of the directions but he stuck to his made up story of the directions in the original box were wrong. Well he should know after being in business for so many years that you double and triple check your measurements. End result was we had to hire another plumber to install a less than desirable fixture for our new shower. Disgusted is an understatement with how he treated my wife and I after he made this error. Avoid this man at all costs everyone, you have been warned.
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