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  1. Eric James Alpha
    April 11, 2019 at 17:53 PM
    Leaking Samsung dishwasher (caused by another repair company) fixed quickly! This repair was done through my Lowe's extended service plan. All I can say is man, I wish Expert Appliances was the first company Lowe's sent!! The technician came a two days before the original scheduled appointment. They called the day before letting us know they had a cancellation and offered the earlier day and time. We quickly accepted. The technician called the morning of and gave a window, he arrived on time!! After quickly finding the leak he go right to work. I love this company uses a mat when they move the dishwasher around, to avoid scratching or wetting our wood floors. After about 30 minutes of working the leak was fixed then thoroughly tested. A+++ for us. This company and technician knew his stuff! Thank you!!!!
  2. Ken Buskill
    March 29, 2019 at 02:52 AM
    Don't listen to anything the receptionist tells you, she is clueless. I told her I had a True double door COMMERCIAL freezer that I needed the system flushed and my new compressor installed and charged with R404A. She quoted the price and said it wouldn't be a problem. I explained that it was a semi-hermetically sealed compressor and that it had bolted on flange fittings, again she said no problem. The "Technician" arrived today and took one look at the new compressor in the box and said his boss might have to come install it because it was out of his league. He said he wasn't even sure if he had refrigerant gauges for R404A... (I specifically told the woman I spoke with that it took this refrigerant). He called his boss and then told me they could not do the job. He said I should call a heating and air conditioning company to have it installed. It's a bolt in compressor for crying out loud... it doesn't even require soldering in like a hermetically sealed compressor does... it's not rocket science. I would suggest AVOIDING THIS COMPANY. Complete waste of time. Waited for 3 days for them to show up and then they can't even do it... what a joke!!!
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