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  1. Larry Walker
    October 20, 2018 at 20:00 PM
    The water dispenser was not working, but the ice maker was - so we knew water was getting to the unit. The service tech explained that the line inside the door was "probably frozen." He suggest that I get a hair dryer and heat the inside of the freezer door (where the line would be) for 20-30 minutes, and just keep trying it to see if the line would work. He said he "doubted that the line was broken inside the door" - and that if it was, the insulation in the door is "pretty absorbent" and would probably soak up the water before it froze. Then he charged me $65, wished me a happy Thanksgiving and left. He was here all of 15 minutes, if that. My refrigerator is in the exact same situation it was when I called them. So $65 for an opinion about what's wrong, and a suggestion about what to do about it. He also made a mess of my kitchen floor - which I then had to mop up after he left. No solution and nothing's fixed. I could have just Googled it and gotten this much help. I would be $65 to the good if I had. A later update: The company saw my review and called me within hours of its posting - to defend their actions. The guy told me that "a little old lady" could do what they had told me to do to fix the refrigerator myself. (They had told me to hold a hair dryer on the door, unplug it for a few hours, or just leave the freezer door open for a few hours.) He was angry with me. I told him I would call the little old lady next time. An even later update (after the owner's rebuttal): The owner is not telling the truth. The technician did in fact tell me to get a hair dryer and use heat to thaw out the door. Just leaving the door open was his second recommendation. The irony here is that he could have borrowed my wife's hair dryer, thawed my door, and charged me whatever his time costs. I would have a water dispenser that was working and would have been a happy camper. When I call a service technician to my home, it is because I want them to make my problem go away - and I am willing to pay for it.
  2. Brittney Hartwig
    October 13, 2017 at 16:53 PM
    I would recommend this company to anyone. All around a great company. Starting off with a very sweet women who answers the phone. She knew exactly what she was talking about and how to help me. They are quick about getting you an appointment and having someone right out to you that same day. They are very convinent. The gentleman who assisted was very helpful and had the job done efficiently. Thank y'all for your wonderful service.
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