Pro Appliance Inc.
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  1. Benjamin Bowman
    June 08, 2019 at 02:30 AM
    If I could give a zero I would. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Kim, the “customer service” receptionist is extremely unprofessional and untimely. She gave no advance notice the technician was on his way and was extremely difficult in trying to schedule an appointment in a timely manner and took 2 days to even let us know what our time slot was. Unfortunately I was not home or the con artist of a “technician” would not have made it much further than my front door. My wife was left to deal with the scam. The “technician” did not even attempt to look at my washer or even take one screw out to find the problem. He claimed that he could hear foreign objects and that the home warranty would not cover it. He did not provide any evidence or photos that there were foreign objects in the washer, just that he could hear them. If your home warranty, especially AHS tries to send this company to your home- decline immediately. They will go out of their way to make sure to give your equipment a diagnosis that the warranty will not cover in an attempt to get out of the job or have you pay out of pocket.
  2. Sean Palmer
    June 06, 2019 at 17:14 PM
    We had a technician out to look at our fridge, we recently purchased our house and the water dispenser was not working. The rep, Joe, was extremely rude and condescending towards us as soon as he arrived. After spending four minutes in our house and looking behind the fridge, he told us the unit was not installed correctly by the prior owners. Instead of offering to install it correctly, providing an estimate, or even recommending someone who would, he said "that's your problem" and walked out of our house without a word. I'm not sure if I'm naïve for thinking a company called "Pro Appliance" might actually be able to install appliances, or provide "professional" level service. What I do know is that no one from this company is stepping foot in our house again. I recommend looking elsewhere for service, there are plenty of more reputable companies in the area.
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