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  1. Larry Hauser
    May 01, 2019 at 19:09 PM
    Although Alex, the technician, was clean and polite, he could not determine how to fix my problem with small drops of water collecting in the dish below the ice and water paddles on the door of my refrig. What did I pay 100 bucks for through AHS? He said it was probably a design flaw. Additionally, it took SIX days for the company to send him out to my house, which fortunately, was in between tenants occupying the home. Totally unacceptable.
  2. Hayley Bivens
    January 08, 2019 at 19:31 PM
    I came to the reviews because of my horrible experience and had a suspicion that I was NOT going to be the only one—I’m almost always a very easy, polite, understanding customer, but this place brought out the worst in me. My suspicion was confirmed reading through all of these reviews that this is their baseline. Here’s the bottom line: AVOID THIS COMPANY. My rental property has a home warranty and this is the company I was set up with. The tech came to fix the washer and dryer, didn’t listen to a word being said about the washer, and it was still broken when he left. I called back explaining this and they said I had to go through the warranty company as a recall. Ok, fine. Done. Here’s where it really was horrible: every single bad review about the front office girls is 1000000% true. Absolutely horrible customer service and they don’t have a manager or owner that can contact anyone?! I asked why the washer issue wasn’t fixed and what I paid for—they couldn’t answer that and instead, hung up on me, because that’s how professional companies function in their minds. I ended up using a different company who couldn’t believe any tech analyzed the washer or dryer, let alone charged me. I will be filing a complaint with BBB and will be going to small claims court if I am not refunded for them doing absolutely nothing. I seriously don’t know how this place is in business.
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