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  1. Katina Hurst
    May 02, 2019 at 02:29 AM
    First, it took about half a dozen times of us calling him, over several days, for him to answer because his voicemail was full so we were not able to leave a message. When he did get back to us he did come help us within 24 hours. Second, he was unprofessional from start to finish of the repair. He moaned, groaned and complained the entire time. He complained there was stuff on top of the washer. Apparently he couldn’t tell the washer apart from the dryer, because there were some personal items on top of the dryer. Not the washer. Then he complained about having to move the washer himself. A simple “please make sure I can easily access the washer, because It is difficult for me to move it myself” would have sufficed on the phone the previous day. This might be “common knowledge”, but “common knowledge” is very often not common knowledge. My husband could move it on his own so we just assumed Mark could too. Then he complained that things had fallen behind the washer. There’s a four inch space all the way around the washer. It happens. Things fall down there and they’re hard to reach without moving both appliances. Then he got a small cut from moving the machine and said he was “bleeding out”. Then he claimed my husband told him the wrong model of washer and he didn’t have the right tools. I was standing next to my husband as he read the info off the washer. He didn’t make a mistake. Mark misheard. A forgivable mistake, but the unprofessionalism is not. When he finished the repair we asked how much it was and he claimed he only accepts cash. A good time to mention that would have been on the phone the previous day. Not after you’ve already finished the repair. He also gave no guarantee on his work. We called Mark because he helped us once the past, but we will NEVER make this mistake again. Nor will any of our family. Extremely unprofessional, no tact, and no sense of customer service at all.
  2. Greg Sanders
    May 30, 2019 at 19:59 PM
    I have used Mark to help repair my dryer and repace the icemaker in our refrigerator. Let me say... He is honest, fair, neat, on time, and very very knowledgeable on all things appliance. If I could give 10 stars I would.
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