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  1. Michael Rafey
    March 29, 2019 at 19:23 PM
    5 Stars for this Company. If you need a residential or commercial roofing repair company ,look no further. C & C Roofing and Construction is a Professional company. They are honest, experienced and on time. My company owns over 30 commercial properties and C & C is our Number One Choice. Swiss Capital Group Michael Rafey CEO
  2. Shannon Aufdencamp
    February 25, 2019 at 17:41 PM
    It is with an extremely heavy heart that I post this review. I didn't want it to come to this but their lack of communication and work ethic in getting this project completed has left me no choice. I wanted so much for this project to go smoothly and to be able to refer other work to a some-what local company after this Hurricane but unfortunately this project has been an absolute nightmare. On November 16, 2018, I contracted with C & C Roofing to complete my roof, build a small utility room and to demo my garage and wooden deck. Today's date is February 25, 2019, and they are STILL not done. On December 7, 2018, they were first on site and they have NEVER worked a full day. They have worked 45 minutes here, a couple of hours there, but NEVER a full day. James Mangum has given excuse after excuse for the delay but there is absolutely no excuse for taking 3 months PLUS for a project that should've taken weeks, at the most. To start, Enzo and his framing crew gabled the wrong section of our house and didn't gable the laundry room, which was specified on contract and scope of work. This was caught by my husband and I and when we brought it to Enzo's attention, his exact words was "I don't know anything about that ". This situation was finally remedied but by putting the gable on the wrong end to start with, it opened up more issues. The roof looks like a highway map, there are leftover pieces of the old roof everywhere, it's just a messy look. My roof permit was pulled only after I brought it to their attention, a full 3 months AFTER I signed the permit application and the NOC. The permit wasn't pulled until, February 15, 2019, after the roof was supposedly complete and I still haven't had an inspection. The only positive that I can say is that thank God we did not give them our whole project or our whole Assignment of Benefits, like they wanted us to do. Their performance on our roof and garage demo was their "try-out" and they failed miserably. I encourage potential customers and/or victims of James Mangum and C & C Roofing to check with other roofing contractors before signing with C & C. They say pictures are worth a thousand words so please take a look. Please note that the water intrusion pictures are AFTER the house was "dried in". Doesn't look too dry. The utility room construction pictures are from December 12, 2018, when it was originally framed and the one beside it was taken February 14, 2019. That is the amount of progress made in over 2 months. Ridiculous. Buyer beware!!
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