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  1. Sloan
    May 11, 2019 at 23:42 PM
    Impressive, excellent service and friendly competent staff. After calling five other companies in the area (all that were a waste of time) Jamil from Hawking delivered the all important repair I needed to keep my house cool. Jamil is an asset for this company. A solid good dude, honest and addressed the issue with no BS. The problems with other companies. First call - Recording Second call they had to ask the tech if they could make it out, $75 service charge minimum. Waited an hour and 20 minutes and they never called back. I called them and cancelled. Third call - No answer, recording Fourth - No answer, recording Fith - Contacted Apollo Air where the sent out a tech, no service fee, however the guy said it would be a flat $498.00 fee to charge the A/C with Freon. There was no guarantee, no return visit for problems, nothing. On top of this the tech did not have Freon with him to even do the job that day. Since it seemed like a SCAM I did not call them back The Right call Six call was HAWKINS, excellent office staff, great information exchange with tech staff, prompt service. Also a very fair price for the service. They will be the company I call when I need a new A/C
  2. pbyrum
    May 29, 2019 at 16:47 PM
    Hawkins Service Company delivers the best quality and service possible. I can always depend on this company to get it exactly right. They understand the best products and technology to match the budget and are totally dependable. I have been using Hawkins for many years. Latest repair on 5/28/19. Highly recommended!
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