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  1. Dr Khamis Bilbeisi
    July 07, 2014 at 22:49 PM
    I have been dealing with dryer repair for 3 weeks. I started my search, and the good, reputable appliance repairs will give you 2-4 days of waiting. I called 792-6911 and a very nice lady answered the phone, got my information and said tomorrow, the repair man will come and do the repair. Yes, Scott showed up and in 10 minutes said the repair is done, charges were $100, paid in cash. The dryer did not complete the first load, and it was as we started. I called and got delays day after day after day (of course Scott got my Money), and complained to Scott and to his Mom, and finally he showed up, said the timer is bad, changed it and HE SAID, I WILL CHARGE YOU ONLY FOR THE PART NOW, IT IS ONLY $150 EXTRA (believe it or not, you have no choice), paid it by check. Tried the first load of drying, timer did not work at all. I called immediately, and of course did not show up yet, hold me the whole day today and I am waiting. In short, paid $250 to fix a dryer, not fixed yet and wasted few days of calling and waiting.
  2. My Bell
    June 28, 2018 at 23:49 PM
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