Sir Vac & Sew
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  1. Kelly McIntyre
    February 15, 2019 at 15:05 PM
    Love this place! They are always helpful with questions and quick easy part ordering and priced just right. Recently, purchased central vac system and it is amazing! Would recommend to anyone!
  2. Roberto Lopez
    January 24, 2019 at 22:02 PM
    If I could give them "no stars" I would. I needed a battery for my Dyson DC59 so I took it there, they told me I had to pay for "a service call" and that will include a cleaning and the replacement of the battery but I had to pay ahead so I did ($60). After waiting for 5 weeks due to (according to them) shipping problems with Dyson Parts I finally call them to get my vacuum back and just order the battery from Amazon which had the battery available and could deliver it next day for $29.95. They told me that they would see what they could do to expedite it, a week later they called me to say that it was done and I could pick it up and that I owed them $160, I told them what I had paid already and they told me that I had to bring proof because they had no "record" of it. When I went to pick it with my receipt I was told to pay $160 and after a short discussion it came down to $97. By the way the battery they got was not a Dyson Part it was a generic remanufactured battery and they actually peeled off the label from my original battery and put it on the replacement. The cleaning, well let's say it was not clean and it smells like it was used to pick up milk, awful smell.
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