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  1. Gregory W
    May 24, 2019 at 00:09 AM
    I met Mr. Johnson a few years ago through a good friend and he has been more than helpful for a guy like me. I could probably design the internet but fix things useful I cannot. We were planning a party recently and my dishwasher went out. Just stopped working. He came over and recommended a new one, showed the motor burned out on the old one and 14yr old it was time. I went and purchased the replacement and brought it home and scheduled John to come over. I remember John on his day off came over with his wife more recently at a party at my house and just so happened another device stopped working. He took a look at it and recommended a replacement style and type and I purchased it myself at the pool store. The next weekend he came over and replaced it. His prices are fair and he treats his customer like his friends in that we all pay the same price for his services. His expertise on diagnosing what could be –verses-- what it might be, is pretty on point. After working with so many manufactures over the years you get to know which ones have higher failure rates of specific parts. His experience is priceless. Plus insured and well documented his services are stellar.
  2. Froyo Fresh
    April 26, 2019 at 19:34 PM
    I have been using John Johnson for residential and commercial business for many years. John is extremely professional and very punctual. What I really like about John is that he will look at something and tell you exactly what it needs and he knows a little bit about everything! He is fair, honest, and never overcharges. I would much rather use John than some of these big companies that don’t seem to care. John cares!
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