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  1. Gregory Ruffy
    May 07, 2018 at 15:35 PM
    Needed to replace a cracked PVC toilet flange. John and Adam arrived early and replaced the flange. While they were here they set the new toilet, which saved me the effort. Their work was top notch and the price was reasonable. This is the second time we have used Ken & Carrie's and will continue to do so when the need arises. Once again, a good experience all around!
  2. DJ G
    September 20, 2017 at 12:06 PM
    The plumber totally disregarded what we knew was the problem with our plumbing (broken shutoff valve). He insisted on ordering a part for our faucet which was not needed - it was the shutoff valve!!! All he had to do was listen to our complaint. Because of his actions, he ruined our faucet. And all he had to do was replace the shutoff valve. We believe this is an isolated incident involving this one plumber. We had used Ken & Carrie's Plumbing months ago for an emergency plumbing problem. The plumber was excellent! Unfortunately, this last plumber did not listen to us or return our calls. We ended up paying for a part we didn't even need - and now, to get our money back, I have to remove the part and return it to them! They really should have just taken the loss on this inexpensive part and the time it took to install - it was their mistake from the very beginning. I would give 5 stars but due to this last experience, I can only give 2 stars!
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