Dutton Appliance Repair
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Customer Reviews
  1. Brittany Wilcoxson
    October 04, 2018 at 18:18 PM
    Very Porfessional on time and knew what he was doing...pricing seemed very fair
  2. Andrew Hensley
    April 02, 2018 at 19:24 PM
    I hired Dutton Appliance to fix my leaking washing machine. He "guarantees" that if he cannot fix something right away, he will waive the service fee to come back. I ordered the part I needed on Amazon (a leaky seal), and I was told he would come back to fix it. However, he completely ignored my messages for three days telling him that I did indeed have the part, and then he tells me he is all booked up and can't come until next week (it is Monday, btw). This is after he strings me along all day saying he "might" make it out. When I told him he was being unprofessional, he became very nasty over the phone. Additionally, he "forgot" his receipt book when he came the first time, and he never emailed me one as promised. Therefore, I spent $60 on a service call, and my washing machine is now worse than it was before. DO NOT HIRE THIS MAN!!!!! He will only scam you!!!!
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