Beck's Appliance Repair, Inc.
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  1. Robert Miller
    May 03, 2019 at 15:03 PM
    Called them for a washer to be fixed. Made appointment between 12-2. Dave never showed up till well after 3, said sorry skipped your ticket. Told me a price of almost 300 to fix the Leaking gasket. Week later part comes in. He was pulling the machine apart before I was there. Got it back together and now it will not come on. Well said the board was fried, he was the last one to turn it on. Told me because its outside it my fault. Never been wet or anything like that. So since it does not work now, he took out the gasket and told me I still gonna at least owe him 65 bucks for his trouble. Service call is only 35. I did not pay him 65. Called Becks back and have not heard back from them. Break your stuff then walk away. Called Becks and it was Dave's appliance's that showed up. Dont recommend Becks or Dave's.
  2. TRUMP 2020
    August 30, 2018 at 11:38 AM
    After moving into my new home a few months ago, I needed someone to hook up my washer and dryer because the movers refused to, plus one of the movers put a large dent on the top of my new dryer. Mr Beck was able to take 90% of the dent out of the dryer plus he replaced an inferior dryer house (for free) that I had purchased from Lowes. He also attached the electrical cord for the dryer and the water hoses for the washer. The price he charged was very reasonable. Highly recommend Beck's Appliance Repair.
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