Robert's Plumbing Service Corporation.
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  1. Wanderlust_MM
    April 29, 2019 at 20:40 PM
    I have never had a more unprofessional experience in my life. After they cancelled on me twice to fix a plumbing issue with a house I was trying to purchase, he shows up over the weekend when nobody was there to inspect the work. He demanded immediate payment and threatened to rip out all the work he did if he wasn’t paid immediately. Because nobody was there he had to wait until Monday when an inspector could validate the quality of the work. I would never use them or ever recommend anyone ever use them!!! DO NOT USE THIS PLUMBER !!!
  2. Coky Michel
    April 29, 2018 at 21:54 PM
    On Friday, April 20th, Robert’s son (Robert) and another young guy came to our house in South Miami, recommended by Rafael Salazar, mold remediator from EnviroPro. Robert and his helper came into the house, spent 10 minutes in the bathroom in question, came out, and said they would have to wait 20 minutes for the “shower pan test” to take effect. They said they would be going to their van to do “paper work”. After 45 minutes they emerged from the van, went back to that bathroom, and after 10 minutes came out and said we had a faulty shower pan. We were very surprised when they said we owed them $350.. We called Rafael, who didn’t seem to be too surprised- we decided at that moment that we couldn’t trust his judgment anymore and two days later we let him go and just paid him for the work he had already done in the house. I Googled “shower pan test” and found out that it was pretty simple- we could have done it ourselves for free. We then called our own plumber, who is licensed and insured, and he said that to do that test correctly you needed 24 hours: he puts a “test ball” in the pan, comes back the next day to get accurate results. Robert’s son and his partner came in without tools. When I tell friends what happened and how much we paid, they couldn’t believe it- they were outraged and said that it was a complete rip-off. We then checked reviews of your company in Yelp, and there were two, very unfavorable ones, which didn’t surprise us at all. Robert and his partner missed a shower valve leak that our licensed plumber spotted right away and that was a bigger problem than the shower pan may have been. He fixed that leak yesterday, for just a little more than what we paid his son to conduct the test. (He had to open the wall, break the tile, and install a metal plaque with a Delta faucet.) I just had a very unpleasant exchange with Robert, after I wrote him a very nice and polite letter asking for a $200 refund. (I was willing to pay an outrageous $150 for the “pan test” done.) I wouldn’t recommend this company to my worst enemy.
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