Trevor Taylor Appliance Repair Service
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  1. Amanda Gill
    April 24, 2019 at 13:41 PM
    Very punctual and fast service . Within a hour of phone call the dryer was working again.
  2. sereneya lizardo
    November 07, 2018 at 02:33 AM
    Very upset, so I had my husband call this guy to check my dryer. He came over and told my husband he needed to order a part 1 week goes by, mind you my husband kept calling him and each time he could not speak because he was driving he stated that he would call back and never did. So I called him personally from another number, he answered and I was questioning him about the dryer he stated that he never went to my house and does not remember my husband or the dryer. Yet his name and him making the same comment that he could not talk bc he was driving was a give away. Anyway he stated he would come by my house either way. He shows up my husband says it’s the same guy the man mentions I think I remember this house. So I’m like ok he possibly just getting older so I gave him another chance. He takes apart the dryer says it needs a blower circut board that he would purchase online and told us it would take a week to get it, lets just say it’s been about 3 weeks and we have not heard back from him. My husband left a message and called several times to see if he received the part. So obviously I went and checked his reviews again to see that about 2 weeks ago he did the same to someone else. I honestly believe that if he is not intreasted in the job or it won’t make him much money he prefers not to do the job. Just be honest with people and say it’s just not worth fixing and move on instead of me not having a non working dryer for a month now. If I could give him 0 stars I would this was a waste of my time I called another company they came out ASAP and diagnosed that it was not worth fixing bc it could be several things wrong and the parts are non refundable on top Of the company does not make parts for that dryer anymore. So now I’m looking to buy another one. Beware of the the false reviews of 5 stars.
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