E & H Paving
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  1. Sean Reger
    May 05, 2018 at 16:35 PM
    This company was hired to lay a top coat with in our retirement community. It was seen that the company with out the homowners permission was using there garden hoses to fill there tank, which was about 300 gal. This company in the end stole water from individuals who live with in the park. Each home is required to pay for there own water usage and this company stole from several homes. I've been a police officer for many years and at the end of the day this is absolutely an unexceptical business practice. It even came to one point when they were approched about not having permition to use the water from the homeowner they became bulegerant and threatning to the homeowner. For one this is illigal and two I hope the homeowner that was threaten by this theiving company ,makes a police report. Very unprofessional so if ur looking for a good theif to work on your roads these will be your guys.
  2. Michael Shelton
    May 05, 2018 at 12:48 PM
    If I could give a zero I would! This company was paving the roads in my park and they were observed multiple times using other people’s water that WE pay for. When they were confronted the guy in charge was very aggressive and threatening. Then after the confrontation he had the employees from the park bring him to my house and continued to be very aggressive and threatening towards me.
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