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  1. Nicholas Baldock
    March 26, 2019 at 19:53 PM
    I'm a property manager and we had an ice machine in a condo moved by someone, so the rubber drain house was pulled out from the drain which then leaked water through to the floor below. I could have made the repair myself in 60 minutes or less but due to the water leaking to the floor below, we wanted to call a plumber to appease the HOA. There was actually no need to make a repair, but we wanted to add a longer rubber hose drain to the machine so as to prevent the issue from repeating itself. This involved simply removing the ice machine from the counter, removing the clamp that held the current rubber hose and adding a new rubber hose that was about twice as long. The plumber also had to pull out the dishwasher next to it in order to make sure the drain hose was in the drain properly. The hardware store is less than a mile away and the Plumber said they would likely have to go there to buy the right hose. I even gave the plumber the tip on removing the dishwasher to make his job easier. Long story short, we were charged $315 total for 2.5 hours of work and a $35 hose part. When the service manager called us he said the Plumber had been on the job for 3 hours but he thought that was excessive so he charged us for 2.5. If it took someone that long, he must have walked to the hardware store and taken a lunch break. This should have been the easiest job of the month.
  2. Ashley Williams
    October 23, 2018 at 18:00 PM
    Marcus went above and beyond my expectations. My hot water heater went out on our home after living here for 4.5 months. He doesn’t usually service my area and he came out of his way to get my hot water heater fixed fast! I will recommend Emerald Bay Plumbing to everyone! Thanks again!!
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