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  1. Kat Lucas
    January 16, 2018 at 19:17 PM
    I should have read other reviews before calling this operation, but lesson learned. I'm not one to normally write reviews, but I'm appalled by the lack of customer service from this office (specifically the front desk woman). I made an appointment yesterday during an emergency as my pipes were backing up with overflow. When making the appointment, I requested for the same day as my regular plumber couldn't come out right away— they said this wasn't possible due to scheduling. I understood and made the appointment for the following day and said that if I could have someone out earlier, I would let them know. My regular plumber moved his schedule to accommodate me first thing the next morning and I immediately called and canceled with these guys. About an hour later, my plumber had fixed the problem (pipes flowing) but couldn't see the blockage due to his camera being older. We called these guys back and they (somewhat unwillingly) put us back on the schedule. Long story short, the serviceman shows up shortly after my plumber left. He was actually quite nice, but didn't have a camera!!! He advised us not to do anything as long as there was flow, but offered for us to call back when/if we needed him again. It was very cordial— he did not ask for any compensation (I would have given him a trip charge if he would have) and truly seemed like he wanted to do the right thing. 10 minutes after he pulled away, the office lady calls me with the rudest tone I have ever heard from a local business. She was accusatory, imteruptive and absolutely nasty—telling me that I was a waste of time, rescoures and gas. It went on for about two minutes before she hung up. My only regret is me not hanging up before she did. Wow, this company has some major work to be done in their customer "service" department. Do yourself a favor and call a different company.
  2. terrence brown
    March 14, 2016 at 15:15 PM
    Becky answered the phone and as the previous reviewer wrote had a horrible attitude. When I responded to her I was told there were no open appointments-EVER. I asked to speak to her supervisor which turned out to be Mike Hogsen (sp?) the owner of this shoddy operation and he told me that I was rude and he would not give an appointment. Needless to say I have called and reported him to corporate. I do not know what is going on between himself and the secretary but the way they treat people is unethical. STAY AWAY and find yourself somewhere where you will be treated with respect.
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