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  1. Nadine Rowe
    March 12, 2019 at 19:34 PM
    I called for my septic to be pumped on January, it was a weekend. I was told it would cost me $400 to do the job. Cash only. Someone came out. I paid he gave me a receipt. On the receipt he checked everything was good, even my drain field was and filter was cleaned. Now a month and a half later I have to get it pumped again which is ridiculous. I called the office, they couldn't find my name or address in the system at all, not even a receipt to show I had anything done, even though I have a receipt showing that I paid for service. Then I was charged $ 225 to have it pumped again. Here's the thing I went outside the next day after he pumped the first time, I saw on spot where he dug up and supposedly pumped , clean my filter, check my drain field. When he came out the second time he dug up the original spot, but also a second spot that was not dug the first time and this is where the filter was and all of a sudden I have a bad drain field. Why wasn't I told this the first time when my original receipt said it was fine. Now I'm out 625, with no idea where my original 400 dollars went, I don't know if I was told the truth about anything. When I called to complain, your receptionist was rude and had an attitude like it was my fault that I was out 400 for what feels like I been scammed. If this how you do business I want no part of it. I feel scammed. I paid for a job I expect it to be done right the first time and better communication. I want to know where the hell the 400 dollars I paid went, if it did not go in the system where did it go. I rather speak to a manager than a very rude receptionist with bad communication skills.
  2. Sam
    February 22, 2019 at 21:36 PM
    Wow. I’m amazed that I got such great customer service on the phone but my actual experience with this company was not good. I called on a Monday to get an appointment for my septic to be pumped. Made the appointment for Wednesday from 1-4 with a half hour call notice before they arrive. No problems. Ashley was very nice on the phone. Wednesday comes and 4pm comes and goes. I call the office to see what’s going on and the person who answers the phone has no answers so they take my name and number and say they’ll have someone call me. Red flag. No phone call from anyone in their office. Finally I get a call around 6pm from an extremely rude service tech whose name I did not get telling me he would arrive within 35-40 min. I tried to ask if they normally work late and if I could reschedule as I didn’t really want work being done after dark especially when it was not an emergency but he hung up on me mid sentence. He finally arrives at 7:15, I assumed he was not coming at all at that point. He knocks on the door and then immediately walks away. My husband had to run outside to see what was going on. The service tech poked around in the yard for awhile and I guess did whatever he was here to do. He left around 8pm. Didn’t let us know he was done or anything. I went outside the next day and found a dirty plunger and our clean-out cover off. This is unacceptable. I paid for a service to be done and it was most definitely not completed to any sort of satisfaction. I was also supposed to receive an email receipt with any comments the service tech notated but I have yet to receive this. I do not recommend this company at all. — I placed a follow up call to the manager who was available at the time regarding the dirty plunger and clean out cover being off, was told that they would send someone out to complete the job last Saturday.. have yet to see anyone come by and the clean out cover and plunger are where they always have been!
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