Eatonville Appliance Repair
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  1. Ed McDeere
    May 20, 2019 at 15:41 PM
    Great! Technicians are obviously well experienced and are professional. They handled the washer job nicely. I will recommend Eatonville appliance repair!
  2. Whitney Brown
    May 08, 2019 at 22:54 PM
    If I could put zero stars I would. PLEASE BEWARE of these people they WILL take advantage of you very quickly. I originally called because my washer door was broken because my son opened it during the spin cycle. I called because I knew the problem and wanted to know how much the part would be and if someone could come out and fix it. With calling around and I went with them because they were one of the cheapest deposit to come out that day.. $75 total that would go towards the bill, while other companies were much higher... I should’ve known then something wouldn’t be right.. The guy that came out spoke no English AT ALL.. Then he tells me that not only is my door is broken but another part is broken too and that it would be over $400 to fix the washer. Mind u he never opened the washer or anything ,all this by just “looking” at it!!! I couldn’t even speak with him because he only had a translation app on his phone that he was trying to communicate with. Luckily my coworker is very fluent in Spanish and I had her call the office the next morning and was wondering why everything is so high. The guy who schedules apts said the technician charges $200 for labor and that the parts cost over $200 to get them to fix my washer... She told me real quick that I was being taken advantage of I’m so glad I didn’t go with them.. I was just scammed for $75 and could of been way more!! In the end it was only a $34 part for my washer door which I had originally explain and everything worked out well!! I was actually able to have another appliance repair shop not only sell me the part, but actually instructed me how to do it because it was an easy fix.... IT WORKED!!!! Smh..
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