TV Repairs 911
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  1. Alicia Zadeh
    November 04, 2018 at 12:10 PM
    Be very careful of this business and the person named Jack! He is a scam artist. He will tell you all kinds of stuff and then not follow through. Buyer beware! Go with a business that is trustworthy!
  2. Nobo Perez
    September 27, 2018 at 23:06 PM
    I usually like to write good reviews, but this time, I was caught on some fake reviews posted here in Google Maps. This business is fake. Don't know what's the real purpose but this guy Jack took my TV, 2 weeks ago telling me it will be fixed in 2 weeks. I called him to get an update and never responded. Today, more than 2 weeks later I called him to get an update and his answer is "still in the bench", same as other in this same forum. I asked for my TV back and do not perform any work on it. As arrival, I was able to check that my TV was opened. Probably this guy did something, took a part of God knows what. Please, if you're reading this post, don't use this service at all. There're some 5 stars reviews. Don't believe on them, it's a regular thing to pay people to write good reviews of businesses and places. I'm notifying Google about it. Also, this same business is under several names here in Google Maps. Clear view tv repairs or something alike. I'm writing this same review in that place.
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