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  1. Scott Wolf
    May 22, 2019 at 03:05 AM
    I selected this company because I assumed was a local buisness, with a store front. It’s not... it’s a call center the dispatches technicians and collects a service charge. When my dishwasher quit working I hired this company to come diagnose the problem. They arrived same day (reason I gave them 2 stars instead of one) and charged $85 for the diagnoses. I was told I need a new power control panel and it would be an LG warranty item. I reached out to LG and they issued the part for free. This is where the one star rating comes into play. LG would not mail the part to my home, only to the repair company. Well this isn’t a brick and mortar company, and so I had to call back to the call center to attempt to contact the repair tech. After 4 phone calls with LG and repair tech over a 3 Week period, we were finally able to have a part mailed to the repair tech home... (LG would only deal with repair text and mail to repair tech) repair tech wouldn’t work efficiently to help me as his call center only pays him a portion of the $85 initially collected) so I was forced to pretend to be the repair company to obtain the authorization letter and then use that letter in order to order the part the repair tech said was bad. The part was mailed to the technicians home and once install it did not fix my problem. So after one month of dealing with Oakland Appliance repair/call center repair dispatch company with no name... my dishwasher still does not work. I’ve called LG and will pay them to fix it. Lesson learned. Btw the manager of said call center was not very respectful of receiving poor feedback of their services. Wait the 5Star review below me... the owner wrote: “Please continue to spread the word about our guaranteed customer satisfaction.” where did that guarantee go? Was that a limited time offer or only people who don’t own LG products? Changing my rating back to a 1 Star now. REPLY TO BUSINESS RESPONSE: Your Contractor...(Cornell) who gave the 5 Star review on his own company after I gave my 1 Star review, never gave me a job number or receipt for that matter. Just asked me to take a picture of his invoice with my phone.
  2. Gracie Bax
    February 11, 2019 at 08:07 AM
    Very dependable, repair was worth my money and I am leaving a five star review for the company and your tech.
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