Subzero Refrigerator Repair Corp
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  1. Martín Sebastián Martellini
    November 07, 2018 at 10:04 AM
    Subzero Brickell is the worst provider you could ever call. It happened to us during an emergency. We made a big mistake by not taking in consideration the very bad reviews they have on both google and yelp. They showed up whenever they wanted...two guys and one of them was a TOTAL FREAK...when asked he said his name was Marvin...he even scared my family...he wouldn't respond to my questions and out of the blue, he left...I stoped him and ask what was the problem with the fridge..and he only said, "let me do my job"...absolutely unprofessional. After that, the second guy shows up with a bill of 600 usd telling me that I have to pay with check...not only unprofessionals but thieves!!!! Bottom line, and after a week of no news from these idiots, I ended up cancelling the service and called another service that, after describing the situation with the fridge literally said, unplug the fridge, wait for 12 hours and it should be come back again...12 hours later the fridge was 100% operable...AC appliances the name of this company...awesome guy John Barrios!!! Please DO NOT call subzero ever in your life...not even if your are in an emergency....please.
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