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  1. Levi Courtney
    June 04, 2019 at 02:36 AM
    People will never know the cost of being in business. The previous comment from danielle P. Is very irrelevant and misleading. She hired this company for a service and did not like the price for parts needed to make her air conditioner function more efficiently. The price of that part has markup, overhead, labor and taxes all included. People work to have spendable income not just pay bills. That one part pays a very small percentage of multiple people’s paychecks within a company including the cost to replace it. If the part failed, I can guarantee they stand behind it and replace it for free. The company that came out for $50 is either unlicensed or will be out of business within a two years. Danielle P’s comment was due to her lack of knowledge. I’m sure we can all forgive the uneducated and extreme ignorance of our fellow American.
  2. Danielle P
    June 03, 2019 at 22:04 PM
    The repair man, Larry was very friendly and seemed knowledgeable. However, he was there for a maintenance visit and noticed the capacitor needed to be replaced. The part costs $15 online, but they wanted an extra $180 to replace it in addition to the $90 I was already paying for the maintenance. He was literally holding the part in front of me and had to either plug the old one back in, or put the new one in. It was going to take the same amount of effort, but supposedly needed to charge that much for labor. He started to say it was for the expense of the visit, but then I pointed out that he was already there and had it pulled apart. I understand he does not set the pricing, but I am very upset that the company would over charge by that much. I contacted a local appliance repair man Timmy Hall and he came right out and replaced the same part for over $50 less, and that was even with the cost of his trip coming out and taking the AC apart again. I should have called him to begin with! Don't plan on using this company ever again.
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