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  1. Sharonica Green
    April 07, 2015 at 15:31 PM
    DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE UNLESS YOU WANT A BIGGER PROBLEM! I contacted Denton Appliance Repair thinking that I was going to receive quality service. First, they came in and did not know how to remove the parts of my washer. Then, the helper began questioning items in my home (T.V. and such). Things totally unrelated to the repair. After two hours I invited the wife of the helper in my home who proceeded to ask me to sell her pain medication after learning that I have recently had surgery and a dog bite. She went on to say that she purchase them for $5 per pill. After 3 1/2 hours they still had no idea what was wrong with my washer...a leak. A charged me based upon the time he spend trying to diagnose the problem. The owner offered to take $20 off the price to repair the machine and stated that he'd only need a 45 minutes tops when he came back. And the cost would be $50 minus the $20 price reduction. When they came back...the wife of the helper asked to sit on my couch where she immediately went to sleep. Her husband again began asking about the T.V's in my home and compared them the type they had in theirs. He apologized for his wife sleeping and stated she sleep during the day and is up all night...oh I know why. After 4 more hours my washer was in worst shape than it was when they first began working on it. They left my home after 10 pm. The leak problem is now a bigger problem. Water is settled in the machine and will not drain. The control display board will need to be replaced according to the new repair man. The timing will not work anymore. The part alone is $150. I can not get another diagnosis until the board is replaced. They were obvious unaware of how to fix my machine. The owner BRUCE seemed to be unclear as to what to charge. He asked the crackhead wife. DO NOT USE THE SERVICE!!!! Should be -5 stars
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