Timmy Hall Appliance Services
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  1. Johnathan Gaines
    June 01, 2019 at 17:51 PM
    Thank you Timmy for taking care of my family. So the worst possible thing that could happen is your AC messing up in the middle of summer with it over 90 degrees outside. Timmy went above and beyond and came to my house twice to make sure the problem was fixed and even came out today on a Saturday when he could have been with his family he was making sure mine was taken care of. I recommend him to everyone fast, honest, great person.
  2. Danielle P
    June 03, 2019 at 22:16 PM
    Timmy came out and fixed my freezer previously and that went well. Today, I had my AC serviced by a different company (to be honest, I did not think of Timmy for my AC initially). They wanted to charge me almost $300 for the maintenance visit and to replace a $40 part. Timmy came out promptly and replaced the part for much less than the other company. The repair man for the other company already had my unit taken apart and was holding the old capacitor in front of me, and it took the same amount of effort to plug the old one back as it would have been to put a new one in, but they wanted $180 extra! I'm glad I said no and called Timmy. I just wish I had called him to begin with! Don't make the mistake I did, call Timmy first!
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