B & N Appliance Repair Inc
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  1. Dean Hilf
    August 02, 2018 at 14:24 PM
    I have used B & N three times and have received outstanding service each time. I highly recommend them - office promptly returns calls, schedules the repair, then Bob follows up with the service call (see below for specifics). Sounds logical but you know how some repair places promise a lot and deliver little. Bob lets me hover over him (I like to learn new things and possibly learn to fix myself), patiently answers my questions, and always gives me options. First time: ice maker was not working, Bob quickly identified the problem, told me he had to order the part and would return to install. Then he told me I could install it myself, it's not that hard, showed me how and gave me the part number. I ordered the part off the internet and installed it. Saved additional service call and labor charges. Second: Washing machine was making loud, ugly noises, Bob came out, told me what was wrong, and the cost to repair. Then he recommended that I think about replacing the washer because of the repair cost. I did. Third: Frig slowly leaking water. Bob came out, diagnosed within five minutes, adjusted a drain part (rubber gasket that clogs up), and then told me I could save the $240 additional expense if I defrosted the freezer myself (this took longer than what he would have done - ~12 hours vs. 2 hours, I thought it was worth it).
  2. Breanna Siegel
    February 08, 2018 at 15:39 PM
    Found 2 different seal rings that I thought belonged to dishwasher. Called B & N they sent out Bob (who is very nice and professional). Bob was at my house for less than 15 minutes said the seal rings didn't go to my dishwasher. I asked him for cleaning solution to help clean hard water build up and grime. He put in the cleaning solution and told me he would only charge me the $21 for the solution since he didn't remove any part of the dishwasher and was there for such a short time. Then I get a bill for $117.70 from the company for the cleaning solution ($21) and service call ($89). I called the office and spoke to Kelly who said she couldn't do anything for me. She wouldn't honor what Bob told me about only paying for the $21 cleaning solution because "it is not company policy". I'm sorry but $89 for less than 15 minute service call. He could have been at my home for 5 minutes and they still would've charged me the $89. To me a company should honor their word. I was very happy with Bob and his knowledge and kindness of only charging me for the cleaning solution. Not happy with company for not backing up their employee. Will not use again.
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