A & J Appliance Repair Service
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  1. shawn ivie
    April 14, 2019 at 21:42 PM
    Always good
  2. Mike C
    December 06, 2017 at 23:55 PM
    I've called them twice about a year apart. Each time, they can't seem to give me a RANGE on an estimate without "looking at the unit" (aka $90) first. So even when I give them a model number and suspected part, they can't give me a "worst case" or "usually between" without me first committing to a $90 service call. They seem to do good work when you need them, and Cody did explain everything about what was wrong when I connected with him, along with recommendations. But connecting with them can also be problematic. They (Tony) seem to be understaffed and barely able to keep up with calls in the office. They don't leave detailed messages about the status of work when calling you back, just, "This is so-and-so from A&J, give us a call back." As a landlord, that's really unhelpful. It's been 5 days since I got a diagnosis on my dryer, and I still don't have a detailed written estimate for work, so if I want to get the work done, compare prices, or see if what they're charging for parts is fair, I can't because all's I have is what they told me over the phone (and it took all day to get that update). I've spoken to them twice asking for a written invoice, and still have nothing. I think they assumed I wasn't interested in the expensive repair and were satisfied with the service call fee. Finally, somehow their estimates seem to end up $50 or $75 more than the highest estimate you can find online, and they attribute it to "your model of equipment." Seems like they could have told me that parts for "my model" run high when I asked "What's the worst case scenario or high end on something like this?" But then maybe I wouldn't have spent my $90.
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