Billy’s Auto Service & Towing
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  1. Michelle Tag
    May 20, 2019 at 14:49 PM
    Me dad took his car here for over 15 years. Everything was fine and he recommended them to many people. Then they switched over to paying commissions to the employees based on how much work they did. So my dad's car was towed in for a water leak, they said it needed a new radiator. OK that was done. A week later it was leaking again and they said it was the upper radiator hose. Done! Then it leaked again so the lower hose needed replacing. Done, but by now the engine was leaking oil and the engine was ruined due to overheating. They rushed this job not once, but 3 times and in doing so ruined the engine after spending over $1,000 in repairs that never fixed the original problem. He/we never went back. Make your own choice.
  2. Richard Luimes
    December 06, 2018 at 14:03 PM
    From Michigan, here on vacation and had brake problems. Billy’s was recommended to me and didn’t let me down. They could have up charged me due to my lack of flexibility as I had to get the work done to get home safely. Instead they manage to get the work done at a very fair price and managed to save the calipers which are known for having to be replaced when this work is done. They were very kind, and worked around my schedule as best they could. I now highly recommend getting your work done here as well. It’s not my entire extended families go to automotive place when in Vero!
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