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  1. Erica Hodges
    February 26, 2019 at 19:28 PM
    I had a tech come out to my home to diagnose my dryer I needed a new belt and a new pulley the technician was very nice and professional from there is when everything went south. The technician advised that he would be ordering the parts for me through my extended warranty. I called the office one week later, giving them more than enough time to have contacted me or updated me and anyway. I spoke to an older gentleman and asked him for a part update he advised me that one part was in and they are still waiting on the other part. he told me that he was new and he will be checking with his boss and they will be calling me back with more information after they looked into it. this was on a Friday. They are closed on the weekend and the following Monday was a holiday I work a 50 hour week and do not have time to constantly call these people to get updates, so I did not get around to calling them again on the next day, Tuesday. Wednesday when I spoke to the same older gentleman and he acted like he did not remember speaking to me on the past Friday, he told me that I need to call my warranty company to see why they are taking so long at ordering the part. When I did the warranty company advised me that on the same day that the technician left my home 2 weeks prior, that they denied the request because I am still covered under manufactures warranty’s. I asked my extended warranty why no one notified me of this they advised that they tried calling and emailing this service company to let them know of the denial. So not only was I lied to by this repair company by them telling me that one of my parts was in and one was not, now i have all This time wasted. So i wasn’t being forced to waste more time and have another repair company come out to re-diagnose the unit, i asked my manufacture if i could use the same company since they already know what is wrong with the unit. The manufacture tried calling them and had no luck with anyone picking up. (Surprise surprise! This should have been my sign) they asked me to contact the the service company shortly and they would dispatch over the request. I called and guess what... they close at 3:00 on Friday’s. Great, now I have to wait until Monday again!! I tried calling Monday and no answer. I left a voicemail. Granted you could tell I was not happy in my voicemail but asked for a call back. Never got one. So today, Tuesday, I called my manufacture again and advised them of the trouble I am having. The representative placed me on hold while she tried calling them. Minutes later, the rep from my manufacture stated they are not willing to come out to my home because it is “too far.” I call BS!!! So now, I am currently a month without a working dryer and now being forced to go through all of this again with another company all due to Larson’s A+ appliances lack of customer service, lack of honesty, and lack of decency! Thanks for nothing but a big waste of time.
  2. Kimberly Smith
    March 14, 2019 at 18:11 PM
    They don't even deserve 1 star! 2 weeks ago I contacted Lowe's because my washer needed warranty service. This company called the next day and we scheduled an appt right away (that's the only thing that they did good!) The tech came out, told us the part that was needed and that it needed to be ordered. It would be a few days. OK fine. Well a week goes by, no communication. We call them 3 days in a row, left messages, no return calls. I decided just to call Lowe's again to find out what was going on. The notes in their computer say that the tech was out, replaced the part and that the work was completed and the ticket was closed. This couldn't be farther from the truth!! Liars!! I highly suggested to Lowe's that they NOT use this company anymore!! They better not give them a cent for the work that they supposedly did, and I want a different company to come service my washer now! If you are told that this is the company who will be taking care of your warranty needs, save yourself the headache and the hassle and request a different one!!
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