NorthStar Appliance Repair
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  1. Jeff Petrone
    May 06, 2019 at 19:02 PM
    Completely agree with the other poor reviews. I called NorthStar Appliance Repair about 3 appliances. 1. Kitchen Aid Refrigerator - Inspected the unit and concluded that the drain pan was cracked and needed to be replaced. Quoted $425 to repair. I checked online and the part is available for $53 and slides right in to the underneath of the unit. 2. Avanti Wine Chiller - The tech told me he could not inspect the unit with my wine in it. So I took 140 bottles out. At this time he takes a couple pictures and looks up the model number and confirms the unit isn't cooling properly (which was obvious). Tells me its a sealed system and that their company did not service sealed systems, but they refer the work to another company. His manager later told me after he left that it was not correct, and they do work on those systems. So either the tech is not trained properly, or the manager was lying, not sure which. he said the quote from the other company to test the system was going to be $675, and repair work would be additional on top of that. The entire unit was $1,200 new. 3. LG Washer - Tech could not perform the diagnostic on the unit because he couldn't get the unit in test mode. He advised that he would replace the control board and sensors and that might fix the problem. Cost estimate $454. Cost of a new one, $650 It was clear to me that this company has no interest in fixing things, nor do they have any interest in being consultative with their customers about what might make sense to service, and what might not. After all of this I was left with $150 bill for an hours worth of work, and nothing was fixed. When I called the manager, he explained that less than 1% of the time are appliances "junk" but I happened to have 2 out of 3 be "junk." In my business I attempt to help customers make smarter decisions by counseling them against unnecessary fees. I explained that other companies I've worked with have done the same. In this case they knew full well they could not fix the wine chiller yet charged the $50 anyway before telling me that.
  2. Jessica Bohner
    February 03, 2019 at 14:45 PM
    I called on Saturday morning for a service call as our fridge was not cooling and was given a 4 hour window. The technician showed up 2 hours after the window ended with no follow up or phone call. The gentleman came in, asked a couple questions and without looking at our fridge or touching it adamantly made a claim that it was out of refrigerant and not something he could fix - we should buy a new fridge entirely. This took 90 seconds, he couldn’t explain his logic and then asked for the service fee of $75. After he left we plugged the fridge in ourself (we had unplugged it when we realized it was not working and overheating) and within two hours it was back to working properly. I’m not clear on the issue with the fridge, but I am clear this appliance repair company isn’t worth a call! $75 in the trash.
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