Island Air Conditioning of Collier County
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  1. Michele Reale
    September 21, 2017 at 16:28 PM
    I cannot recommend this company highly enough and am so glad I found them. After Hurricane Irma, we were told our air conditioner unit tipped over. Being 1,500 miles away from Marco Island, we called the company that installed the unit and serviced it. They indicated they would put us on a list for inspection. After not hearing from them and fearing mold, I started looked for alternatives and found Island Air Conditioning. I called and left a message, not really hoping for much, but received an immediate call back (even though the owners were themselves still evacuated due to the Hurricane). Melanie said her husband Jim would come look at the unit as soon as he got back to Marco. In the meantime, my husband spoke with the original company who told us they inspected our unit (even though we never got a call for an inspection time) and we needed a new unit. Luckily, Jim from Island Air Conditioning was on his way to our condo. He inspected the unit, determined that it just needed to be reconnected, hooked it back up and the temperature in our condo immediately started falling. This company and its owners are professional, responsible and dedicated. They saved us thousands of dollars and immeasurable peace of mind. I am recommending them as much as I can and have added them to my contacts list for future use.
  2. James Burns
    September 21, 2017 at 03:38 AM
    Great service friendly people and far pricing
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