Taveras Appliance Service
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  1. Eyal Chai
    May 24, 2019 at 23:20 PM
    STAY AWAY !!!!!!! I paid $95 for a technician to come and diagnose the refrigerator. I was told by him that the ice maker and the water valve are broken and i will need to replace both of them (2 Years old refrigerator). Gator appliances sent me an invoice in the amount of $547.23 for the "broken parts". I felt this was wrong so I called another company to come and take a look at the unit. The technician showed up and I was told " THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR ICE MAKER OR YOUR WATER VALVE" It's just a clogged in the water line. THE REPAIR COST ME $95. Shame on you Gator appliances for trying to defraud me for $640.00 I will contact the news Help me Howard so they can expose your company who should not be in business.
  2. Pogo Pog
    October 19, 2018 at 19:07 PM
    If you're looking for refrigerator repair in Miami, I'd highly suggest Taveras Appliance Service! We've had them come in for our dishwasher repair and dryer repair before also and they did a great job! The best appliance repair in Miami!
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