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  1. Doug Jackson
    October 29, 2018 at 21:07 PM
    I purchased a repair contract this company was the service provider for the contract. On 10/22/18 I called and requested service. They claim the refrigerator is in repairable. The fridge is around 1year old. The said they would have an answer as to the outcome of the repair in 4 buisness days. Today is day 7 (5) buisness days. No call for this repair company. My wife calls and asks what the outcome is and is told the manager will call back today. No return as of 4:45. I call and the person that answers the phone says I am sorry the manager got caught up on some calls and said you should call back tommorow. I’m sorry but after 40 years in the service industry it is not my responsibility to call back service Care is the company being paid to service my contract. Very poor buisness decision by the manager horrible lack of concern for there customer. If I could have lest no stars I would have.
  2. Peter Hattop
    July 10, 2018 at 13:44 PM
    Worst company to deal with. They are lying, they never complete a job. My dryer was not working. Lg assigned this company to do the repair. They came identified the problem and told me the part is on order. I called every day and the part was not received.They told me that this part on back order. I called LG and they said that they first received an order with a wrong part number. LG notified Customer Care but they never r received an order for the right part. LG said that this company is unreliable. I switch to another repair company.
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