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  1. Ann Huskey
    February 11, 2019 at 16:29 PM
    Here is the good and bad. - I was very happy at first because they called me back to schedule and appointment very quickly. They were able to come out quickly. The technichian was very nice. He didn't seem to think that he would be able to fix the problem. He called it odd. It is an odd problem. We joked about my bad luck with appliances (I also had a dishwasher fire.) Then he took photos and said he would submit the report. I waited and waited. Nearly a week went by and after talking to my home warranty company several times, the report was not submitted. The home warranty company called the Appliance Pro's office and they then submitted the report. When my home warranty company sent me the results of the report, I was in shock. It was nothing like what the technichian had originally said. He did not submit the photos and they were now sending out a plumber ? I tried to get more clarifcation from both the home warranty company and the Appliance Pros on why it warranted a plumber. Just simple stuff like where the water was coming from (my fridge) and a photo of the issue (giant rust spot forming on the back of my fridge that is carroding the metal of the fridge.) I could tell that the office manager of Appliace Pros was very annoyed and upset by me. I don't blame her. I am also annoyed with the situation. She raised her voice and was obviously very irritated. I know that I am persisitent but I do not ever mean to be unsreasonable. She hung up on me. I guess a plumber is coming to my house. All of my interactions except the last couple were good with this company. I am very dissapointed. I am also annoyed because I think with better notes and the photos we (even me) would have a more clear picture of the issue and we would not be wasting our time. - because I don't have a photo of my fridge , I am attaching one of a similar issue that I found on Google. This is what the problem looks like.
  2. Matt Haegele
    January 31, 2019 at 18:05 PM
    Had them come out three times to fix my ice machine with no luck. Would not recommend. Another company came out and fixed it first try. Turns out the problem was the new ice maker they installed was installed incorrectly.
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